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Athena Sofas- Sofas with inbuilt LCD Monitors



Certainly, your PC might consist of a quad core processor, dual monitors and a costly RAM. But are you able to sleep on this? Let me rephrase it. Should you sleep on this?

The blend of comfort and tech!

You may call me crazy, but isn’t the sofa meant for taking some rest? Apparently, it’s no more. Swiss-based Artanova has designed a modern, upholstered couch that includes media into its style. Consisting of creamy upholstery and stainless feet, this is a piece of stylish-looking furniture, but it also has a computer, wireless Music player and iPod/iPhone docking port, and also subwoofer and sound system.

This Athena Sofa is a one-part luxury sofa which you’ll likely stain, one-part computer. We weren’t in a position to find any specifications from the manufacturers at Artanova, but we’re speculating that those inbuilt LCD Monitors which are fitted into the armrests are touch-sensitive.

Manage your work or music without moving out of your seat

Everybody knows that it a hassle to carry your laptop around, especially when you’re trying to rest or get any work carried out. Having to discover an outlet to plug your PC in and getting a pillow or something to put under your laptop so that it doesn’t overheat on your lap, are only two of the drawbacks of carrying your laptop with you. Thanks to the Athena Sofas, you can now simply take a seat on the cozy sofa in your home or office and do your work without worrying to bring your laptop along. Although the Athena Sofa is quite pricey, it is a good buy considering the benefits it has. The most amazing feature of the sofa PC is that it may be set up to manage your home media system. This means you are able to control simple things for example your DVD player to more difficult things such as your audio system.

Usually, when you spent the whole night sleeping in your friend’s couch, you’re definitely set for a bad experience. I mean, the very best you can expect is that this folds out into a rough bed. In case of the Athena Sofas, I could easily turn it into an elegant office. I mean, it comprises of an LCD monitor within each armrest which are integrated by the multimedia computer. This aesthetically-enjoyable Athena couch features broad armrests, both of which incorporates some type of computer with a flat screen. It also features a dock for your own iPhone or iPod and a Music player connected using wireless. Completing the multimedia package is the integrated subwoofer and loudspeakers.

Have a fun time on this PC-sofa

As you can possible see, these LCD screens are detachable from the armrests as well as flatten themselves out when they are not in use. I see that one of these has a computer keyboard, but if it was a touch screen, then I’d have enjoyed operating all my programs using Windows 7. Of course, there’s a price to purchase such comfort. In this instance, the price is approximately $15, 436.

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