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This blog Gadgets Wiki is written mostly by me(Ram) and other individual writers across the globe. Here we all share our honest opinions and reviews about various gadgets. We are no way related to any company or product or trademarks or any entity we discuss here in the blog. This is all about our views on the products or devices, but not related to any company producing them or marketing those  products or devices.

We hold no responsibility of the genuineness of the data provided in the blog; as no data here is provided to us directly by any company producing or marketing the products we are discussing here. We research about various products and gather loads of information from different sources and put it under one roof for users to access, in this process some false news or errors may crept in without our notice.

Despite of our continuous efforts errors may occur, after all we are just human beings. So we request our visitors to double check anything you buy. I/We are not at all responsible for any claims.

If you find any kind of copyrighted material in the blog, please bring that to our notice so that I/We can rectify them by deleting the content or will give a link back to you with the original source mentioned clearly as per your request. I/We held no responsibility for any kind of legal issues with any kind of material on the blog.

Any issues related to the blog will be notified to us with proper proof and will be settled only on the blog in the way of removing the material or giving a link back to the original source, no other process is accepted or encouraged.

Thank you for your cooperation.